Kennady party of 1

So this week began the first week of staff training. This is where all the camp summer staff come in to learn about how to be awesome staffers. I’ve only been around them for a little bit, but they definitely got the hang of it!

A few things happen when summer camp rolls around. One of them is that my husband suddenly becomes a figment of my imagination. Our main communication line is via text and I only notice him when he crawls into bed past midnight. When this happens our meals together often get cut too. I begin to wonder if he is coming home for dinner or if he is eating in the dinning hall? Well tonight I decided that I was not going to loathe in self pity (too much) and I made dinner for just me! It was pretty delish too! I had homemade chips; lavash bread cut up into pieces with chili powder and cajun seasoning, and bbq shredded chicken – bbq chicken nachos all to myself!

Homemade Chips!

Fork wasn't even needed!

After I ate Sam unexpectedly came home. He needed Reese for his camp photo. All the staff takes pictures for the website so that the campers can see who all works here. This time Reese and I both got to join him. Reese put on a special outfit and Sam spiffyed up with some mustache grease and aviators.

Looking good!

After helping Sam with the staff photo I followed him down to the dinning hall where some of the staff was hanging out. I was able to meet a few new staffers and Reese got a chance to pounce on them. We also got to spend time with Lulu another camp dog and Katie 🙂

I’m now on the porch because our internet went out. From the porch I can pick up on camp’s wifi so that’s nice!

Enjoying the great outdoors

Peeking in on Reese

what is she up too?...looks like not much!

I was able to get some fun stuff for the porch this past weekend. I was super productive one day and picked up some new hanging baskets from the amish at the farmer’s market and a plant from the local nursery. I think it makes the place homey-er.

New porch decor

New plant with pretty flowers!

New plant with pretty flowers!

I’m praying for good weather tonight, strong storms are coming through and it’s been rough here in the south lately. Hope we don’t have to get up at 1 AM and head to another building in our pj’s, that’s never fun!!


Remember to Breathe

Yesterday I took a sick day because I had a doctor’s appointment out of town. I ended up having to get a little blood work done and the nurse kept telling me to remember to breathe. I thought I was breathing until each time she said it and I would let a huge gulp of air in. Giving blood is not my forte. In college we had an annual blood drive that the Greeks participated in, I loathed it. I was always the sucker who had to lay all the way down and have an IV of sprite! Kinda fuzzy but gives you an idea of how terrible this process was….

Greek blood drive: empty bag + thought of my blood filling it in a minute = terrified look on my face

The last few days I have been trying to live by that mantra as well, “Remember to breathe” just enjoying the moment and taking it for what it’s worth. After the doctor’s appointment I had all day to do anything I wanted. I planned to go shopping at Hobby Lobby and poke around town, since we aren’t there much, but I completely forgot because I was on the phone making arrangements for work. Oh well! There’s always tomorrow. The rest of the day I was able to walk with Reese around camp and catch up on homework. I was actually really productive! Camp was alive with children, it was definitely a nice day to be home from work. A school field trip was here to visit, it was a nice preview to what the summer will sound like. Sam had them at the pool for swim time and he had them all read the pool rules as Pirates, they had to say ARGH! after everything, super cute.

That night we went to visit some friends at a minor league baseball game. It was really nice to get away for the night and be social. In an effort to continue to be more active a few of us decided to run the 5K this fall. I’m actually pretty pumped about this, I hope I can complete it (it may help to get back on the couch to 5k program!!) I have had a secret goal of completing a triathlon, like a super tiny one, at some point. I was actually at a camp wedding a couple weekends ago and met up with one of my friends Leah. She mentioned something about wanting to do a triathlon too, so I may ask her for some accountability with this goal.

Leah and I at the wedding. P.S. camp weddings are the best, it's like a family reunion getting to see everyone!

We were able to spend a few hours at the baseball game up in box seats, it was great. We left with some friends that were there and went to a local restaurant type thing. It was kind of mixture of a restaurant/sports bar/night club, very odd, but it was nice to be out and social so I’m not complaining!

Today I went to work for about an hour and a half then came home right after. I took full advantage of the day off with laundry, walks with Reese, a bike ride and of course a trip to Wal Mart. The bike ride was the perfect part of my Friday. I love having the freedom to get out on the bike and have some time to think and breathe. Nothing better than seeing this in the rearview mirror…

Road, here we come!

It’s looking a lot more like summer camp out here. The new staff have come out this weekend for climbing and rappelling training. They will get to learn how to send campers up and down the climbing tower. This is a great part of the ministry out here. Of course this means that the hubby will be no where in sight for the next few days but I’m sure I’ll be fully occupied with homework and housework.

Climbing tower at camp

Tomorrow I plan to hit up the Farmer’s Market for some plants to spruce this place up and maybe some veggies. We’ll see how that goes..

When it Rains, it Frogs

This week has been a lot like last week, crazy busy and overwhelming. The week started with Mother’s Day on Sunday. I started off the lovely day with this cutie pie.

Mother's Day walk

She got me a Fitness magazine and a Do it Yourself magazine. So I’m guessing she wants more walks and wants me to build her an outdoor house??

It’s difficult around holidays to be here at camp because it is so far from my parents. This weekend was Mother’s Day and my dad had a big bike ride – the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. So it was a weekend where they both had something to celebrate and I couldn’t be there. I’ve never been more than 10 minutes from them from where I live so this is kinda crappy, a lot. I look forward to one day living in the same state as them!

Dad finishing his ride

Flowers for my momma

For Mother’s Day we were able to spend time with Sam’s mom and grandmother, and of course his grandfather. We enjoyed a great dinner with them then went dream car shopping. That was pretty fun! I picture myself in a sleek black SUV, hybrid of course!

Sam's mom me and my mom at a wedding shower

My grandmother and Sam's grandmother the shower

Monday consisted of work, then dinner with the Youth Workers Sabbath youth ministers. This is a retreat for youth directors in KY. They come out to camp to get away from the chaos that can be in their job. It was nice to be around people at camp, sometimes we tend to isolate ourselves out here. Fellowship is very well received by me 🙂 And I got to see the other two camp wives! I also got my new Bic Bands in the mail!! They are these great headbands that don’t move when you work out, and they support different charities each month with the profits!

Glittery Bic Band

Tuesday I was locked in my room doing homework. I got an A on both parts of my final, woot woot!!

Wednesday consisted of some basketball time! I’m trying to be more active, hence the schweaty mess post, so Sam has been teaching me how to play. I know how to shoot, thanks to my dad, but playing is another story. When I was a kid I got “sportsmanship award” on both teams I played on because I’m not aggressive and I say “sorry” throughout the game. I’m learning how to dribble and shoot, haha, it’s basic, but it’s something. And I get super sweaty, so it’s good!

After basketball we went to the pool so Sam could look for a leak. Good news, the pool is no longer green! Bad news, they are loosing lots of gallons a minute due to a leak. Sam jumped in and looked around but didn’t find anything.  As he was swimming around there was a group of kids in the field behind the pool. They are from a near by high school and they had big rockets. Each group of kids got to shoot off a rocket then it would land with a little parachute! It was pretty cool. Really random but cool. The night ended with a run home and me passing out on the couch. Reese was tired that night too…

Today has been long. I haven’t been exercising as much so I feel super sluggy. Reese and I did get to go for a walk tonight. It sparatically rained tonight so I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get out, but it cleared up pretty fast. When it rains, the frogs come out. Reese is really afraid of frogs, so funny! She’ll stand up to a dog but put a camp critter in front of her and she is ca-razy!!

creepy night pooch!

is it a frog???

Camp was quiet tonight even with the kiddos out. They were doing a talent show in the building next to the house so it wasn’t as wild as last night. There is also a group of women here sewing on a retreat, so I don’t suspect any craziness from them either. I’m looking forward to a nice night where maybe the husband is home early….*wishful thinking*.

Now we are just waiting for Sammie to get home to catch up on The Office and Greys!

A time out for my brain!

This has been a crazy, busy, stressful, sad, overeating kind of a week! And that’s just up until Thursday! This week was the last week of classes for me so that meant cramming in a lot of homework that I had not done in a timely manner, to say the least. This was very stressful and loomed over me until Wednesday when I was able to turn in my first of four assignments for the week. Wednesday was my last class of the semester and it was bittersweet because I loved the class and the interaction and I’m going to miss that. I’m thankful because that means less driving each week.

Once I got to Thursday I still had plenty of work to do. I only worked half a day and my intention was to come home and get right to work on my homework. Well..that didn’t happen. It was a beautiful day and there was an adventure that I wanted to go on so the homework waited. I needed a time out for my brain!! Our lake has steadily been rising and it was time for us to get out on the canoe and explore. Beware, it’s a photo frenzy:

Sam picked me up in this ride..

The Gator - the only way to ride around camp!

Then we got into the Big Nasty …

Strapped in our canoe …

And headed for the lake! Sam made me close my eyes because of how shocking it was at the lake.

Normal lake:

The part in the second picture where the trees come inward is where the first picture was taken. Crazy!! Then there is a rolling hill behind that fire circle, of course there isn’t now!

More photos of our adventure on the new lake.

Our destination, the dock

In the boat view

We found a fire circle bench!

Rescued the bench

And let it dry

We enjoyed our time laying out on the dock then went back in for more adventures around the lake. It was so pretty and so strange. We were literally as high as some of the trees. We couldn’t see them sometimes then we would scrap over them, kinda creepy.

Chacos, a must-have essential for camp life

Underwater flowers

After exploring for awhile we headed back up to camp. I completed my second assignment, yes!, and then started preparing dinner. Between dinner being ready and consuming it waaaay too fast, we went on another adventure with our camp neighbors. This time Katie and I sat in the middle and let the guys paddle us around. It was a sweet deal.

Then it was dinner time!

BBQ Chicken Nachos!

A guilty favorite

Friday was filled with work and superfast homework time-completing assignment three!! Then Sam and I hurried to join friends at Ruby Tuesday. We literally had the worst service ever. Sam felt very sorry for her so he made sure she got some type of tip, but it was terrible. And we were there forever! Oh well, we ended the night with some disco bowling. I think this was my first time disco bowling. I’m no better in regular light I found out!

Disco Bowling!

Sam looks way weird, like his head is floating

After we got home I was wiped! But as I was checking my grades online I found out that I missed an assignment and actually had to do a quiz by 12:00!! We got home at 10:45 so I ran to the computer and completed it before it was due…woo!

Finally it’s Saturday again. Today is a day of cleaning, exercising this food baby off that I have going on, and completing my last assignment of the semester. Sam is off at a bachelor party so there shall be no distractions…right?!


One thing I miss most about living in a bigger city is the church life community. Since moving out to camp we have not be regular in our attendance to a church. Most people say “Well you live at a church camp, so it’s like you are at church all the time!” Most of the time I smile and nod, giving myself this excuse as well. But this isn’t the case. Living at a church camp is not church. It is a place of God, a spiritual experience in itself, but I would not compare it to a church. Church for me is a community of people learning about God and growing closer to him.

A favorite mission trip photo from high school

Living at camp is not an excuse for not being a part of a church either. There are two other families that live here that go to church regularly, actually they go to the church I grew up in. But for Sam and I, we wanted a new place to be able to go together. Unfortunately his Sunday schedule is not consistent and we are unable to attend a place frequently. Also, church for me is more than once a week. It is a commitment of being part of a group, actively involved in ministry. We have tried one church in town and it wasn’t the best fit for us, so we kind of stopped looking. Then that turned into not going at all. Truthfully, I haven’t been to a Sunday service consistently in years! Not exactly a role model for a camp wife!

I do try to find growth in other ways. I love Donald Miller and religiously read his books and thoughts. Rob Bell is also another favorite. And of course simply reading the Bible, which I could do more of.

Love. This. Book.

Today, we were able to get together with camp friends and celebrate a birthday at the Hot Rod’s minor league baseball game. This is one of the best parts in being part of a camp staff. The relationships are so strong and lifelong. I have such an amazing group of friends from my camp experience. It is nice to be able to get together with friends and have relationships built on faith and life changing experiences together.

First time on full-time staff

I’m very thankful for being a part of the summer staff here at camp. I know this is a place that will always be special to me. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance going to a church and not feeling like I have to be as involved as I was in the past. It just may not be feasible for me at this point in my life and I need to accept that. I always have access to growth individually.

This weekend was a good example of the staff community we have. It was so nice to have some of our summer staffers out here working and being able to give back to them, even if it was just pizza. I look forward to this summer and having that energy around. It’ll be here before we know it! And my husband will be just a vague memory until September rolls around 🙂

Camp Critters

Living at camp means living in the woods. This means living in the habitat of many animals, bugs, and other creepy creatures. Fortunately/Unfortunately our two worlds collide often.

Reese and a new friend - the turtle

Last year there was a mighty mouse that lived in our house. He ran and jumped over mouse traps, climbed through oven burners, chased me down the hallway (no joke, super scary), and played in our floor air vents. He was terrible.

This winter  there was a squirrel/possibly bird family living in our walls. They would scratch their way through our front living room walls until it drove me mad. I asked them to leave by beating on the walls. They’re gone.

Just about every day, there is a new insect making a dwelling in our home. Sometimes spiders, sometimes centipedes *cringe!*, sometimes mosquitos, sometimes things I’m really unsure about. All terrifying.

Why am I ranting about this….well, I think we may have another impostor! After coming home from a short walk with Reese I sat down ready to do some homework, since I put it off all day! I was enjoying the quiet until I heard some pots and pans rustling around. Well, I think that’s what it was. Reese was panting so hard I couldn’t really make it out, and she wouldn’t leave my side. It may be the ice machine, or the dryer, but I am really afraid it’s a camp critter.

The mice that live out here are bred genetically superior. Sam literally watched a mouse jump over a mouse trap last summer. If it’s a mouse I have a feeling it will be joining us all summer. Reese has taken to eating bats and birds, so maybe she’ll like a good mouse for dinner sometime! Yeah, let’s hope for that. Who needs mouse traps when you’ve got a mobile garbage disposal.

The procrastination must come to an end. It is homework time for real. Hopefully I am just hearing things. But it just happened again…ugh!


Last night ended quite well! Reese and I got to go on a doggy date to the lake with a fellow camp wife. The water here is still on the rise and we wanted to check out the damage. Reese thought I wasn’t moving fast enough so she decided to pull me the entire way. Nothing stops that ferocious beast! Once we got to the lake we noticed the entire gravel circle at the bottom was gone and it had started to climb up the road.

We let the poochies free and they played in the water and on each other awhile before we headed back up the hill.

Once we returned home it was time to start preparing dinner. By preparing dinner I mean calling Papa Johns and ordering some pizza! There are a few summer camp staff here this weekend working on that gross pool so we wanted to make sure they were fed in return for their hard work 🙂 Unfortunately the tornadoes that have been ripping through the south came in to my home somehow and caused mass destruction. I had to do a quick clean up before going to get the food and having everyone over.

Pizza always leads to overindulgence with me. I just can help it! I. Love. Pizza. So of course this means more time sweating today, but I’m ok with that. After waking up way too early on a Saturday I spent most of my morning watching The Real Housewives of New York then hit the home gym to get the blood flowing.

Luckily I have a fantastic husband who taught me how to use all this and what types of work outs I need to do to help tone my arms. I also use Tone It Up ‘s blog. They have lots of short work outs that are fairly simple to do on your own. They also feature Dj Lindsay Luv ‘s music which I listen to while working out. The music really helps me take my mind off what I’m doing and there are a lot of fun songs.

The rest of the day will probably entail walks outside with the poochie and lots and lots of homework and research. Then maybe another bike ride… 🙂 We’ll see!

Happy Saturday!

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