Time for an update!

So the summer is over and camp has packed up and left us. We are literally still at camp, but the campers are all gone. There are several reasons I took the summer off from updated in the blueg (I hate the word blog, blueg is a barfy sound equivalent that works for me.) I know it would seem that I would want to write the most during summer camp because my title is Camp Wife, but since it’s our last summer here I wanted to really enjoy the summer and not feel obligated to come back and write about every little thing. If I was to highlight a few things that I should have blueged about it would include these:

  • Camp wife dates/town runs/presentation experiences
  • Multiple mice sightings/killings in the house
  • Ranch chicken, and other foods of horror
  • Being a counselor! and taking a week off of work
  • The amazing summer staff
  • Weekend boating trips on the lake
  • Learning how to properly build a fire
  • Smores!
  • Fashions by Dylan – Sam was dressed by another staff member for their Passion Play every week, it was weird
  • Horseflys/bugs/and camp critters
  • Puppy play dates
  • Camp weddings/reunions
  • Gator rides
  • Storms
  • The Canteen
  • And many more adventures

This summer I strived to be involved in the camp life as much as I could. If I didn’t have homework and found myself sitting around I would try to follow Sam around wherever he went. I was able to go to late night camper worships and watch our passion play each week. I really didn’t want to take this summer for granted and so I tried to be as involved as I could.

Now the summer is over and things are starting to transition into retreat season. But first we start off with New Song! This is a Christian music festival that is held all weekend. It’s another reunion for campers and staffers to get together and enjoy worship together. The weekend is host to several concerts and breakout sessions. It’s also host to a Papa Johns pizza trailer in my front yard. Not cool. The temptation of all day pizza is right there. This year though I will be here there and everywhere during New Song. I have to work today so I’ll be getting in a little later, tomorrow I have a board meeting about an hour away, and Sunday I leave for sorority recruitment. So hopefully I’ll be too busy to worry about pizza!!

Next week I’m off to help my sorority with recruitment. I’m sure several interesting posts will come of it!



This weekend has been supa supa busy! I’ve wanted to post about a few different things that have happened but never had the time to do it. So here is a wrap up of the weekend:

Friday was a pretty busy day for me. It started out with work which included group therapy in the morning and one individual session, then prepping for summer camp which starts today!! We had to move all of our supplies from the clinic to the summer camp space that we will be using today. It was a lot of stuff, luckily I have awesome people who work with me and they loaded up their cars and brought it all over 🙂 After work was the real fun though! I headed to BG to reunite with my bestie for some “Bachelorette Party Re-do” events. We had such a blast at her party in Florida, that we wanted to recreate it. Unfortunately, the other ladies had stuff to do over the weekend so the good times were up to us! We started the night with this:

It was so funny! We were laughing the whole time. We thought the story could have been developed a little more, but it was a good flick none the less. After the movie we headed to Raffertys for some drinks and food. Yum! And ended the night with party crashing on the sorority president. I am an advisor for my sorority on campus and the president was having a birthday celebration. I wanted to just run in and see her for a minute and leave so that’s what we did!

Saturday Sam and I were able to hang out with some friends for another b-day celebration. We went to a hibachi grill and saw a movie with everyone. Another fantastic night. And Sunday was full of meetings while Sam prepared for camp. I had an advisory board meeting for the sorority then I had a meeting for students interested in gaining their PHD.

This meeting really interested me because I have kind of thought about the idea of getting a PHD because I feel that in my field you can never get too much education. They type of PHD we discussed was Counselor Education. This degree preps you to be a professor. We discussed the ins and outs of the programs and the nitty gritty that can really freak you out. It was very very helpful though.

The meeting helped me gain some clarity with the direction I want to go in. I don’t think that getting a PHD, at least that type, is in the cards for me. I really enjoy my work and being actively involved with people. I don’t think I will be fulfilled working as a professor. Working part time, teaching a class here and there would be nice, and something I’d like to check out, but full time teaching isn’t exactly for me.

I am really grateful that I was able to go and discuss my concerns and questions at the meeting. It was very small group of us, just four students and two faculty, so we were able to really ask questions that were on our minds. This helped me figure out the direction I want, at this point, for my life.

I am very excited about the possibilities of the future and somewhat excited that, at this point, it doesn’t include a dissertation! Haha!!

Today is the first day of camp at work 🙂 Prayers are welcome!!

Time for a get-a-way!

Yesterday I headed down to South Carolina for a trip to visit my parents. I am traveling solo because Sam has staff training these two weeks. It was nice to be able to get away for a lit bit before the chaos of summer hits. At work I am in charge of a summer program and it is going to be very hectic and busy. I’m looking forward to it but I knew I could benefit from some down time before all that started.

I took off yesterday with my one carry on (a miracle!) and a load of magazines to read.

While at the airport I was able to catch up on some of my favorite blogs … www.fitbottomedgirls.com www.pbfingers.com http://lifeofblyss.com  and www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com and a few others! After about an hour or so we were able to board the plane. This was a tiny plane, my head almost hit the ceiling once I got on! There was a storm coming through at the airport we were supposed to arrive in so we had to sit on the runway for about forty-five minutes. The lady next to me wasn’t happy about this! It was kind of awkward with her huffs and puffs but I tuned her out with some Dave Matthews and homework.

We finally took off and arrived in Charlotte. The airport was crazy! I think everyone in the airport was running for their life! I just tried to stay out of the way. As I was waiting for Mom there were some police officers who were blowing whistles to keep traffic flow in order. This guy took his job wayy to seriously!

Mom picked me up at the airport and we were off to eat and shop! We went to a couple places then it came a down pour so we decided to head home. I needed to finish an online test so I wanted to take care of that before dinner. Unfortunately there was a glitch with our online school system and so I didn’t get to get it out of the way. Instead we headed for some Mexican food, yum and of course a pretty drink 🙂 This hit the spot!


We don’t have many plans for the weekend, just hanging out and relaxing! Just what the doctor ordered 🙂  But I do kinda miss this face…

Kennady party of 1

So this week began the first week of staff training. This is where all the camp summer staff come in to learn about how to be awesome staffers. I’ve only been around them for a little bit, but they definitely got the hang of it!

A few things happen when summer camp rolls around. One of them is that my husband suddenly becomes a figment of my imagination. Our main communication line is via text and I only notice him when he crawls into bed past midnight. When this happens our meals together often get cut too. I begin to wonder if he is coming home for dinner or if he is eating in the dinning hall? Well tonight I decided that I was not going to loathe in self pity (too much) and I made dinner for just me! It was pretty delish too! I had homemade chips; lavash bread cut up into pieces with chili powder and cajun seasoning, and bbq shredded chicken – bbq chicken nachos all to myself!

Homemade Chips!

Fork wasn't even needed!

After I ate Sam unexpectedly came home. He needed Reese for his camp photo. All the staff takes pictures for the website so that the campers can see who all works here. This time Reese and I both got to join him. Reese put on a special outfit and Sam spiffyed up with some mustache grease and aviators.

Looking good!

After helping Sam with the staff photo I followed him down to the dinning hall where some of the staff was hanging out. I was able to meet a few new staffers and Reese got a chance to pounce on them. We also got to spend time with Lulu another camp dog and Katie 🙂

I’m now on the porch because our internet went out. From the porch I can pick up on camp’s wifi so that’s nice!

Enjoying the great outdoors

Peeking in on Reese

what is she up too?...looks like not much!

I was able to get some fun stuff for the porch this past weekend. I was super productive one day and picked up some new hanging baskets from the amish at the farmer’s market and a plant from the local nursery. I think it makes the place homey-er.

New porch decor

New plant with pretty flowers!

New plant with pretty flowers!

I’m praying for good weather tonight, strong storms are coming through and it’s been rough here in the south lately. Hope we don’t have to get up at 1 AM and head to another building in our pj’s, that’s never fun!!