A Disney Movie

I sometimes equate to living here as living in a Disney Movie. We are in a happy place, off in the woods, surrounded by fury friends. Much like this classic:

Yeah, that about gets all of them

Today I took Reese for a walk and immediately we were met with 12 or 13 turkey in the front field. Reese has a special place in her heart for turkeys.

Reese/ Turkey size ratio - 1:1

Then we went up around the hill and saw two deer, they just stared at us then pranced up the hill. They honestly looked like Reese’s older cousins. After watching them jump up the hill I almost jumped out of my skin. I looked next to us and there were four more deer just staring at us, not running away or moving. Dead still. It was a little freaky, but really pretty too. Luckily no turtle sightings, Reese tends to scare them off.

Turtle, meet Reese. She will pounce on you now.

It’s been reported that if you spend 5-10 mins outside each day you can increase your overall mental health. I think this bit of information has been in my subconcious because I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor walks lately. I’ve also been taking this little gem and it’s told me how long I’ve walked!

Forerunner 110

The exercise has really been helping me deal with some stress and spend some time out in the nice weather. The stress is good stress, exciting things are going on, but nonetheless, it’s stressful. Reading has also been helpful. I just got done reading The Help. It was great! Reading something other than class textbooks is almost like a sweet treat. I’ll have to get another one here soon.

Tonight is Monday night football at camp and we host it; every Monday. So that means I am locked up like Cinderella in my room all night. I think my laundry will keep me busy enough!

Hopefully no mice included!



I. am. sick. ugh… I woke up at about 4:30 this morning and haven’t felt good since then. My stomach is making terrible noises. One minute it sounds like a pinball machine and the next an earthquake. My innerds are all jittery inside and they kinda all feel slanted, a little off-balance. ugh.

This might be for a couple of reasons 1. I had camp food last night for the first time in a long time. Now our camp doesn’t serve bad food, but I’m just not used to it. 2. I ate a few oreo balls for dessert. One of the female staffers made oreo balls for all the camp wives since we made them cookies. Fair trade! I didn’t know I’d feel like this today when I took these shots yesterday….

Baked spaghetti...are you the reason my tummy feels like a hurricane??

Or was it you, you delicious little oreo balls...

Since my jobs calls for constant human interaction and full attention to their every thought and body language, I figured I needed to stay home today. I can’t worry about what’s going on with my insides while trying to help others. So I’m just spending the day half sleeping, half awake with little poochie girl.

and her massive tongue!

I have, however, really enjoyed this week! I haven’t had a whole lot of contact with the campers other than Sunday night dinner and seeing them through the front windows. I have, however, had some time with some of the staff. I was able to have a long convo with one of the girls this week. She is struggling with a lot of some of the same things I went through when I was on staff. For any of you praying people out there, she could use some prayers.

Last night was kind of interesting as well. The staff holds a “Presentation Night” each week for the campers showing them the passion play. I really wanted to attend but was unable to because I had lots of homework to complete. I ended up having to go to the camp office to print everything out because our home printer is low on ink. Once I walked in the door around 10 I got a phone call from Sam. There was something going on with one of the campers and he wanted some insight on what the issue might be. I went over to the campsite where they were staying and the little girl was just having a tough night. She had some difficulties throughout the week and had a lot going on for her. I wanted to try to help but it was very late and she wasn’t interested in meeting anyone new, and that’s ok. She had made a relationship with her dean and he was able to diffuse the problem and let those who needed to know about it stay informed.

Camp is a very busy place. Not only are kids coming and going all the time but they all come in with their own story. The campers are much more complex than we are sometimes able to see. What drives them to misbehave or call out for attention may be a deficit for them in their home life. I wish we were able to have more time with the campers, but I know they get a lot out of their experiences that they have here and that’s the best thing we can give them. And we always have the ability to pray for them once they leave.

Random side note: back to the tummy…Sam just came home for lunch and made tuna, tuna! Who does that. Now I feel extra sick, eww.

First Day of Camp!!!

I must have the first day of camp jitters because last night I had a terrible nightmare about camp. I’m not going to share it because it was that scary. But, I’ve shaken off the night terrors and I have started the morning with a good swim with a fellow camp wife! So things will be better! It was so nice to be able to get in some fun exercise this morning. And the weather was perfect. I’ve recently been setting my alarm to say *sweat everyday* to help keep my mantra alive, and so far it’s been working!

I’m really looking forward to this summer for our camp staff. I have really enjoyed the time that I have been around them. They are very warm and welcoming young people. This group seems really united and I think they are going to do great things. I totally hijacked this picture from the internet..don’t tell 🙂 (hence the iPhone outline around it, hehe!)

Wild & Crazy Kids!!!

Here is what Sam’s staff picture turned out to look like..

Family foto!

Katie and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the new female staffers after a worship last Sunday. I had Sam tell them to all hang around and we introduced ourselves. They had a sigh of relief when we got up there because they said they thought they were in trouble for something! Nope, not in trouble, just wanted to meet them 🙂 We let them know that we are so excited that they are at camp and that if they needed anything we were here for them. Camp is a lonely place year round so having the camp staff here really makes us happy!

We decided to show our appreciation for all the good works they will be doing this summer with some chocolate love!

Unfortunately I burned some, so they didn't get this many

I made sure there wasn't really any hair

More goodies will definitely come their way!

Not only does summer time mean camp is starting but it also means more time on my bicycle!! This weekend I was able to go put some miles on it 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t prepare myself and ended up running out of water along the way. I started my ride only thinking I’d do about 15 miles or so. This is an old route that I have done in the past. I really like it because within the first five miles I feel like I’ve already gotten such a tough workout; it’s much harder than the normal cruising route I take. This was also the perfect time to test my new heart rate monitor and gps!

Forerunner 110

Since I didn’t pack well enough I stopped about 12 miles in at a local gas station, went in with my bike get-up on, all a schweaty mess, and got some Gatorade. I bribed myself with Gatorade and orange sport beans in an effort to get some more miles out of my ride and it was really hot, so I need to refuel.

Ahh! A break

After the short break I added about eight more miles then came back to the gas station and filled up with some water and completed my route. At the end I stopped by a local bike shop to see if they could put another water bottle carrier on my frame, but something had broken off and it wasn’t fixable, next time the camelback is coming!

The route ended up being a bit of an adventure itself. I feel like I could write a whole blog on just rural riding. This will be the last time I ride that route because at one point the road turned into pot holed gravel. It was scary!  I ended up riding a little over 26 miles and it was 94 degrees out when I was finished – hot hot hot!

The rest of the weekend has included meetings out of town, puppy play dates, and movie watching. Yesterday I had to leave early in the morning to get to a board meeting and I was running a little behind when I ran into this….


There’s nothing worse than living with an automatic gate when it stops working. It’s just not something you plan for when you’re running behind.

Yesterday we got a sprinkler and the dogs got to run around in it. We thought they would love it, but they didn’t get too close. They didn’t like the pool much either, so I think we had our hopes up a little to high! Oh well, it’ll be another hot day today, so maybe we’ll try it again!

"I'm hot so maybe I'll get close to it..."

"eh, we'll stay back here"

I’m looking forward to all the little kiddos getting here today. But in the meantime I will be cleaning and doing laundry woo wee! And if I’m lucky, getting some homework in there! Hooray for first day of camp!!!!

Schweaty Mess!

The other day I was looking through some blogs and I came across one that read “My goal is to sweat at least once every day!” I thought that was kind of intriguing. The last month or so I have been trying to become more active and more conscious of what I am eating. After a bachelorette weekend I learned about a blog called Peanut Butter Fingers. In the blog Julie gives her accounts of staying active and gives healthy eating tips. This motivated me to look closer at what I was eating and how I planned to get into shape.

Last fall I decided I needed to lose some weight. I ended up losing around 37lbs 🙂 Unfortunately losing the weight isn’t the hard part, maintaing the weight loss is much more difficult. I have gained about 10 of those pounds back and am actively trying to get at a healthy weight in a healthy way.

Today I got sweaty by biking. It was only 13 miles but it’s a start!

View from my half way point

Schweaty Mess!

I have also been obessed with documentaries related to food lately too. Food Inc. and Food Matters have both been very much a part of my change in eating habbits. It just makes sense to know what you are eating and what it does to your body.

I have NOT (!) followed this thinking at all times, by any means! I still love some packaged donuts and Papa Johns 🙂 But it’s a process. And for me it’s just beginning.

I think health is so important for women espcially because during pregancy our children are so dependent on what we feed them. This responsiblity cannot be taken lightly. Of course I have no children and won’t for a couple years, but it’s still an important issue to me.

I also am very interested in childhood obesity. This is a passion of mine that I hope to one day pursue. I just don’t think it’s fair that children have their most basic joy – active play, taken away from them. Parents are responsible for what their children eat and when they eat, we have just gotten to a point where fast food is much more attainable for our fast paced lives.
Just some food for thought. Speaking of..! Food Revolution is a new favorite!! If you haven’t seen it, watch it!