A Disney Movie

I sometimes equate to living here as living in a Disney Movie. We are in a happy place, off in the woods, surrounded by fury friends. Much like this classic:

Yeah, that about gets all of them

Today I took Reese for a walk and immediately we were met with 12 or 13 turkey in the front field. Reese has a special place in her heart for turkeys.

Reese/ Turkey size ratio - 1:1

Then we went up around the hill and saw two deer, they just stared at us then pranced up the hill. They honestly looked like Reese’s older cousins. After watching them jump up the hill I almost jumped out of my skin. I looked next to us and there were four more deer just staring at us, not running away or moving. Dead still. It was a little freaky, but really pretty too. Luckily no turtle sightings, Reese tends to scare them off.

Turtle, meet Reese. She will pounce on you now.

It’s been reported that if you spend 5-10 mins outside each day you can increase your overall mental health. I think this bit of information has been in my subconcious because I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor walks lately. I’ve also been taking this little gem and it’s told me how long I’ve walked!

Forerunner 110

The exercise has really been helping me deal with some stress and spend some time out in the nice weather. The stress is good stress, exciting things are going on, but nonetheless, it’s stressful. Reading has also been helpful. I just got done reading The Help. It was great! Reading something other than class textbooks is almost like a sweet treat. I’ll have to get another one here soon.

Tonight is Monday night football at camp and we host it; every Monday. So that means I am locked up like Cinderella in my room all night. I think my laundry will keep me busy enough!

Hopefully no mice included!


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