Time for an update!

So the summer is over and camp has packed up and left us. We are literally still at camp, but the campers are all gone. There are several reasons I took the summer off from updated in the blueg (I hate the word blog, blueg is a barfy sound equivalent that works for me.) I know it would seem that I would want to write the most during summer camp because my title is Camp Wife, but since it’s our last summer here I wanted to really enjoy the summer and not feel obligated to come back and write about every little thing. If I was to highlight a few things that I should have blueged about it would include these:

  • Camp wife dates/town runs/presentation experiences
  • Multiple mice sightings/killings in the house
  • Ranch chicken, and other foods of horror
  • Being a counselor! and taking a week off of work
  • The amazing summer staff
  • Weekend boating trips on the lake
  • Learning how to properly build a fire
  • Smores!
  • Fashions by Dylan – Sam was dressed by another staff member for their Passion Play every week, it was weird
  • Horseflys/bugs/and camp critters
  • Puppy play dates
  • Camp weddings/reunions
  • Gator rides
  • Storms
  • The Canteen
  • And many more adventures

This summer I strived to be involved in the camp life as much as I could. If I didn’t have homework and found myself sitting around I would try to follow Sam around wherever he went. I was able to go to late night camper worships and watch our passion play each week. I really didn’t want to take this summer for granted and so I tried to be as involved as I could.

Now the summer is over and things are starting to transition into retreat season. But first we start off with New Song! This is a Christian music festival that is held all weekend. It’s another reunion for campers and staffers to get together and enjoy worship together. The weekend is host to several concerts and breakout sessions. It’s also host to a Papa Johns pizza trailer in my front yard. Not cool. The temptation of all day pizza is right there. This year though I will be here there and everywhere during New Song. I have to work today so I’ll be getting in a little later, tomorrow I have a board meeting about an hour away, and Sunday I leave for sorority recruitment. So hopefully I’ll be too busy to worry about pizza!!

Next week I’m off to help my sorority with recruitment. I’m sure several interesting posts will come of it!


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