Gnat paper!!

Camp was successful!! Woo hoo! Our first day went so well, I was very excited with how the day went and how the kids responded to it all. They were very nervous walking into the building, but by the end of the day they were getting along with one another and looking forward to what all is to come. I think it’s going to be a great week!

front of work camp shirt

back of shirt!

When I got home I got some super cute puppy play time. Katie and Lulu came over to our back yard and Lulu and Reese ran around like adorable little besties. Lulu kept playing hide and seek under the deck stairs, supa supa cute!!

After play time I waited for Sam to get done so I could say hello to him. Then I waited some more, then a little longer, then finally took matters into my own hands and walked to find him. I was able to see him for a brief period then headed back to the house. Later we drove around on the Gator and invented a Gator Photo Booth with his iPhone. He set his iPhone up on the windshield of the gator so people can jump in and take a photo. It’s fun! But not so fun when you are taking out the trash, it was a stinky ride.

trash. ew.

After getting home I let Reese outside, she previously ate some of the trash so I wanted to check on her to make sure she wasn’t puking everywhere. When I leaned out the kitchen window,  I leaned into something terrible!!!! It’s really my own fault, but terrible none the less. Last week we had a lull in the amount of time we spent washing dishes we were super lazy and left stuff in the sink for far too long. This caused a little bit of a gnat problem. They procreate like bunnies so the situation got out of control really fast. Well we have some gnat paper up around the sink area next to our window to catch them. I obviously forgot about this and leaned straight into it. Immediate thoughts….Oh. My. its Gnat paper!!! I grunted loudly and ran to the bathroom without thinking. I continued to grunt as I washed my hair clean of the sticky gnatty mess. AHH! it was terrible and totally a gross camp thing that would happen!

On a “freaky things that happen at camp” note – I’m pretty sure either A. my dog just knocked on the back door to be let out or B. someone knocked on the backdoor (no one was there when i opened it!!) or C. this place IS HAUNTED!! ahh.. 😦

On a lighter note…
I’m now settled freaked out at home with folk dancing music filling my living room and kids cheering from their dancing. And my cousin is here for the week for the first time! Hooray for positives about camp. Tomorrow we have a Camp Wife dinner at the old mexican restaurant in town too! Score!!


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