First Day of Camp!!!

I must have the first day of camp jitters because last night I had a terrible nightmare about camp. I’m not going to share it because it was that scary. But, I’ve shaken off the night terrors and I have started the morning with a good swim with a fellow camp wife! So things will be better! It was so nice to be able to get in some fun exercise this morning. And the weather was perfect. I’ve recently been setting my alarm to say *sweat everyday* to help keep my mantra alive, and so far it’s been working!

I’m really looking forward to this summer for our camp staff. I have really enjoyed the time that I have been around them. They are very warm and welcoming young people. This group seems really united and I think they are going to do great things. I totally hijacked this picture from the internet..don’t tell 🙂 (hence the iPhone outline around it, hehe!)

Wild & Crazy Kids!!!

Here is what Sam’s staff picture turned out to look like..

Family foto!

Katie and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the new female staffers after a worship last Sunday. I had Sam tell them to all hang around and we introduced ourselves. They had a sigh of relief when we got up there because they said they thought they were in trouble for something! Nope, not in trouble, just wanted to meet them 🙂 We let them know that we are so excited that they are at camp and that if they needed anything we were here for them. Camp is a lonely place year round so having the camp staff here really makes us happy!

We decided to show our appreciation for all the good works they will be doing this summer with some chocolate love!

Unfortunately I burned some, so they didn't get this many

I made sure there wasn't really any hair

More goodies will definitely come their way!

Not only does summer time mean camp is starting but it also means more time on my bicycle!! This weekend I was able to go put some miles on it 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t prepare myself and ended up running out of water along the way. I started my ride only thinking I’d do about 15 miles or so. This is an old route that I have done in the past. I really like it because within the first five miles I feel like I’ve already gotten such a tough workout; it’s much harder than the normal cruising route I take. This was also the perfect time to test my new heart rate monitor and gps!

Forerunner 110

Since I didn’t pack well enough I stopped about 12 miles in at a local gas station, went in with my bike get-up on, all a schweaty mess, and got some Gatorade. I bribed myself with Gatorade and orange sport beans in an effort to get some more miles out of my ride and it was really hot, so I need to refuel.

Ahh! A break

After the short break I added about eight more miles then came back to the gas station and filled up with some water and completed my route. At the end I stopped by a local bike shop to see if they could put another water bottle carrier on my frame, but something had broken off and it wasn’t fixable, next time the camelback is coming!

The route ended up being a bit of an adventure itself. I feel like I could write a whole blog on just rural riding. This will be the last time I ride that route because at one point the road turned into pot holed gravel. It was scary!  I ended up riding a little over 26 miles and it was 94 degrees out when I was finished – hot hot hot!

The rest of the weekend has included meetings out of town, puppy play dates, and movie watching. Yesterday I had to leave early in the morning to get to a board meeting and I was running a little behind when I ran into this….


There’s nothing worse than living with an automatic gate when it stops working. It’s just not something you plan for when you’re running behind.

Yesterday we got a sprinkler and the dogs got to run around in it. We thought they would love it, but they didn’t get too close. They didn’t like the pool much either, so I think we had our hopes up a little to high! Oh well, it’ll be another hot day today, so maybe we’ll try it again!

"I'm hot so maybe I'll get close to it..."

"eh, we'll stay back here"

I’m looking forward to all the little kiddos getting here today. But in the meantime I will be cleaning and doing laundry woo wee! And if I’m lucky, getting some homework in there! Hooray for first day of camp!!!!


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