When it Rains, it Frogs

This week has been a lot like last week, crazy busy and overwhelming. The week started with Mother’s Day on Sunday. I started off the lovely day with this cutie pie.

Mother's Day walk

She got me a Fitness magazine and a Do it Yourself magazine. So I’m guessing she wants more walks and wants me to build her an outdoor house??

It’s difficult around holidays to be here at camp because it is so far from my parents. This weekend was Mother’s Day and my dad had a big bike ride – the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. So it was a weekend where they both had something to celebrate and I couldn’t be there. I’ve never been more than 10 minutes from them from where I live so this is kinda crappy, a lot. I look forward to one day living in the same state as them!

Dad finishing his ride

Flowers for my momma

For Mother’s Day we were able to spend time with Sam’s mom and grandmother, and of course his grandfather. We enjoyed a great dinner with them then went dream car shopping. That was pretty fun! I picture myself in a sleek black SUV, hybrid of course!

Sam's mom me and my mom at a wedding shower

My grandmother and Sam's grandmother the shower

Monday consisted of work, then dinner with the Youth Workers Sabbath youth ministers. This is a retreat for youth directors in KY. They come out to camp to get away from the chaos that can be in their job. It was nice to be around people at camp, sometimes we tend to isolate ourselves out here. Fellowship is very well received by me ūüôā And I got to see the other two camp wives! I also got my new Bic Bands¬†in the mail!! They are these great headbands that don’t move when you work out, and they support different charities each month with the profits!

Glittery Bic Band

Tuesday I was locked in my room doing homework. I got an A on both parts of my final, woot woot!!

Wednesday consisted of some basketball time! I’m trying to be more active, hence the schweaty mess post, so Sam has been teaching me how to play. I know how to shoot, thanks to my dad, but playing is another story. When I was a kid I got “sportsmanship award” on both teams I played on because I’m not aggressive and I say “sorry” throughout the game. I’m learning how to dribble and shoot, haha, it’s basic, but it’s something. And I get super sweaty, so it’s good!

After basketball we went to the pool so Sam could look for a leak. Good news, the pool is no longer green!¬†Bad news, they are loosing lots of gallons a minute due to a leak. Sam jumped in and looked around but didn’t find anything. ¬†As he was swimming around there was a group of kids in the field behind the pool. They are from a near by high school and they had big rockets. Each group of kids got to shoot off a rocket then it would land with a little parachute! It was pretty cool. Really random but cool.¬†The night ended with a run home and me passing out on the couch. Reese was tired that night too…

Today has been long. I haven’t been exercising as much so I feel super sluggy. Reese and I did get to go for a walk tonight. It sparatically rained tonight so I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get out, but it cleared up pretty fast. When it rains, the frogs come out. Reese is really afraid of frogs, so funny! She’ll stand up to a dog but put a camp critter in front of her and she is ca-razy!!

creepy night pooch!

is it a frog???

Camp was quiet tonight even with the kiddos out. They were doing a talent show in the building next to the house so it wasn’t as wild as last night. There is also a group of women here sewing on a retreat, so I don’t suspect any craziness from them either. I’m looking forward to a nice night where maybe the husband is home early….*wishful thinking*.

Now we are just waiting for Sammie to get home to catch up on The Office and Greys!


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