A time out for my brain!

This has been a crazy, busy, stressful, sad, overeating kind of a week! And that’s just up until Thursday! This week was the last week of classes for me so that meant cramming in a lot of homework that I had not done in a timely manner, to say the least. This was very stressful and loomed over me until Wednesday when I was able to turn in my first of four assignments for the week. Wednesday was my last class of the semester and it was bittersweet because I loved the class and the interaction and I’m going to miss that. I’m thankful because that means less driving each week.

Once I got to Thursday I still had plenty of work to do. I only worked half a day and my intention was to come home and get right to work on my homework. Well..that didn’t happen. It was a beautiful day and there was an adventure that I wanted to go on so the homework waited. I needed a time out for my brain!! Our lake has steadily been rising and it was time for us to get out on the canoe and explore. Beware, it’s a photo frenzy:

Sam picked me up in this ride..

The Gator - the only way to ride around camp!

Then we got into the Big Nasty …

Strapped in our canoe …

And headed for the lake! Sam made me close my eyes because of how shocking it was at the lake.

Normal lake:

The part in the second picture where the trees come inward is where the first picture was taken. Crazy!! Then there is a rolling hill behind that fire circle, of course there isn’t now!

More photos of our adventure on the new lake.

Our destination, the dock

In the boat view

We found a fire circle bench!

Rescued the bench

And let it dry

We enjoyed our time laying out on the dock then went back in for more adventures around the lake. It was so pretty and so strange. We were literally as high as some of the trees. We couldn’t see them sometimes then we would scrap over them, kinda creepy.

Chacos, a must-have essential for camp life

Underwater flowers

After exploring for awhile we headed back up to camp. I completed my second assignment, yes!, and then started preparing dinner. Between dinner being ready and consuming it waaaay too fast, we went on another adventure with our camp neighbors. This time Katie and I sat in the middle and let the guys paddle us around. It was a sweet deal.

Then it was dinner time!

BBQ Chicken Nachos!

A guilty favorite

Friday was filled with work and superfast homework time-completing assignment three!! Then Sam and I hurried to join friends at Ruby Tuesday. We literally had the worst service ever. Sam felt very sorry for her so he made sure she got some type of tip, but it was terrible. And we were there forever! Oh well, we ended the night with some disco bowling. I think this was my first time disco bowling. I’m no better in regular light I found out!

Disco Bowling!

Sam looks way weird, like his head is floating

After we got home I was wiped! But as I was checking my grades online I found out that I missed an assignment and actually had to do a quiz by 12:00!! We got home at 10:45 so I ran to the computer and completed it before it was due…woo!

Finally it’s Saturday again. Today is a day of cleaning, exercising this food baby off that I have going on, and completing my last assignment of the semester. Sam is off at a bachelor party so there shall be no distractions…right?!


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  1. Ab-a-dabs
    May 25, 2011 @ 22:50:05

    Now you see why I hate trees in water!!!!


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