Last night ended quite well! Reese and I got to go on a doggy date to the lake with a fellow camp wife. The water here is still on the rise and we wanted to check out the damage. Reese thought I wasn’t moving fast enough so she decided to pull me the entire way. Nothing stops that ferocious beast! Once we got to the lake we noticed the entire gravel circle at the bottom was gone and it had started to climb up the road.

We let the poochies free and they played in the water and on each other awhile before we headed back up the hill.

Once we returned home it was time to start preparing dinner. By preparing dinner I mean calling Papa Johns and ordering some pizza! There are a few summer camp staff here this weekend working on that gross pool so we wanted to make sure they were fed in return for their hard work 🙂 Unfortunately the tornadoes that have been ripping through the south came in to my home somehow and caused mass destruction. I had to do a quick clean up before going to get the food and having everyone over.

Pizza always leads to overindulgence with me. I just can help it! I. Love. Pizza. So of course this means more time sweating today, but I’m ok with that. After waking up way too early on a Saturday I spent most of my morning watching The Real Housewives of New York then hit the home gym to get the blood flowing.

Luckily I have a fantastic husband who taught me how to use all this and what types of work outs I need to do to help tone my arms. I also use Tone It Up ‘s blog. They have lots of short work outs that are fairly simple to do on your own. They also feature Dj Lindsay Luv ‘s music which I listen to while working out. The music really helps me take my mind off what I’m doing and there are a lot of fun songs.

The rest of the day will probably entail walks outside with the poochie and lots and lots of homework and research. Then maybe another bike ride… 🙂 We’ll see!

Happy Saturday!


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