Camp Critters

Living at camp means living in the woods. This means living in the habitat of many animals, bugs, and other creepy creatures. Fortunately/Unfortunately our two worlds collide often.

Reese and a new friend - the turtle

Last year there was a mighty mouse that lived in our house. He ran and jumped over mouse traps, climbed through oven burners, chased me down the hallway (no joke, super scary), and played in our floor air vents. He was terrible.

This winter  there was a squirrel/possibly bird family living in our walls. They would scratch their way through our front living room walls until it drove me mad. I asked them to leave by beating on the walls. They’re gone.

Just about every day, there is a new insect making a dwelling in our home. Sometimes spiders, sometimes centipedes *cringe!*, sometimes mosquitos, sometimes things I’m really unsure about. All terrifying.

Why am I ranting about this….well, I think we may have another impostor! After coming home from a short walk with Reese I sat down ready to do some homework, since I put it off all day! I was enjoying the quiet until I heard some pots and pans rustling around. Well, I think that’s what it was. Reese was panting so hard I couldn’t really make it out, and she wouldn’t leave my side. It may be the ice machine, or the dryer, but I am really afraid it’s a camp critter.

The mice that live out here are bred genetically superior. Sam literally watched a mouse jump over a mouse trap last summer. If it’s a mouse I have a feeling it will be joining us all summer. Reese has taken to eating bats and birds, so maybe she’ll like a good mouse for dinner sometime! Yeah, let’s hope for that. Who needs mouse traps when you’ve got a mobile garbage disposal.

The procrastination must come to an end. It is homework time for real. Hopefully I am just hearing things. But it just happened again…ugh!


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