From the first year I came to live at camp to today my life has been ever-changing. To say it’s a culture shock to move to a 700 acre camp in a town the size of a hiccup is an understatement! It took a lot of adjusting to be happy and feel blessed to be in the position we are. I was very used to the busy life of college and the community of my home church and friends. Moving out here was beyond what I thought it would be, and at first that meant something very negative.

Luckily, I realized I needed something new and different. In my career a new opportunity came about and I was able to take on a more impactful position and began going back to college. I currently am still working towards my masters degree. Once I decided to go down that path several opportunities opened up for me. At work I now have a leadership role in my department, I am able to give back to my sorority through being an advisor, I have joined several professional organizations, and currently hold a student position on the board of an organization I really am interested in.

My life today is radically different from the first day I came to live at camp, and I love it! The fast pace of school, work, and extra-curriculars really are balanced when I come home to such a beautiful place.

One of my favorite reality t.v. personalities is Bethenny Frankel.  She wrote a book titled “A Place of Yes.” I ordered this on audiobook and listened to it religiously while driving back and forth to class.

In the book she discusses that “All roads lead to Rome.” By this she means that you may not know why you are doing something now, but it can have an impact on what’s ahead for you. This rang home to me. Being in a sorority really helped shape who I am today. I was able to learn so much from that organization and I learned so much about myself.

Panhellenic Council

I have a sense of confidence taking on this position on the board because of what I have done in my past. I know that I am capable of being an active member. I am excited about this opportunity because there is so much room for growth. The position really doesn’t have many tasks outlined for it, so I get to make it my own.

This adventure will definitely be worth the time and effort!


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