Probably should have done this two years ago…

Welcome to my blog! This is a new adventure for me; I’m not much of a writer but I am looking forward to sharing my experiences of camp life with you. My mom said I should write a book about living at camp because so many odd and bizarre things happen out here. Then my husband said blogging may be up my ally. So, we’ll start there.

In this blog I will attempt to share daily experiences we have here at camp. There’s always something going on; from mighty mouse adventures (we’ll get to that later) to back yard exploring, and of course meeting new people who come here to visit.

I have lived at a church camp for the past two years. Yes, I LIVE here, year round, campers or no camper, we are here. It has it’s ups and downs. Summer time is always exciting, there are kids all over and it’s truly a place of joy. The fall is beautiful and there are organizations and churches from all over that come out to experience some time out from the “real world.” The winter is a little rough, it’s pretty but it’s quiet, almost The Shinning type stuff. Then of course the spring is pretty! The grass comes back out, birds begin singing and summer is just around the corner.

This spring has started out strong! It has been raining for days and days. Tornado warnings have worn us out and the weather radio is about to take a quick trip out the window if it wakes me up anymore.

Here’s a picture of our tornado shelter, fully equipped with head-gear:

We normally have to run to another building in the middle of a storm, but this was our quick fix in case we couldn’t get ourselves and our poochie in the car in time.

The bad weather has brought about a few good things though, like a banging back yard! Here are few picks of our adventures:

Yeah, it’s ok to be jealous of our sweet back yard. We are very blessed to live here on so many acres, so much to explore!

This is just a little intro of what is to come. I hope you enjoy the wild ride that is rural american camp life, behind the scenes.


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